Bungee Equipment

We have developed our own certified Bungee Super Fly® equipment, because there was no gear specially designed for bungee workouts. With specialized people in safety and climbing gear, we created a harness that is a perfect fit for our workout.

Our bungee gear is designed to be adjusted for different body sizes, weights and lengths. It’s important that the workout equipment supports body alignment, distributes the weight and is comfortable & safe.

A Bungee Super Fly® set contains a bungee, carabiners, swivel, daisy chain ropes and a certified harness.


Bungee Super Fly® has the best developed bungee gear.
  • The bungee is adjustable for people with a bodyweight from 20kg to 150kg.
  • You can adjust the height on the bungee from 2.50m to 6.00m.
  • One bungee fits all!
Bungee Equipment
Bungee Super Fly® Harness, part of Bungee Equipment


  • The bungee harness is adjustable from size xxs – xxl.
  • Our harness is designed to do bungee.
  • The harness we have developed is certified to CE and EU-standards, has a 10-year use when maintained well and with official yearly check.


  • We have a technical team to guide you with the safe installation of the bungee gear for your studio.
  • For concrete ceilings we have developed the Super Fly Mount® which has a esthetic nice design, build for dynamic force and can carry up to 1000kg.
  • We keep improving our Instructor Trainings and equipment.
  • We make quarterly workout videos for our license holders.
  • Monthly online community meetups with license holders
  • We offer constant guidance to improve the bungee technique.


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Bungee Super Fly
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