Bungee Super Fly® Modules

Want to teach different style classes in the Bungee? 
Deepen your practice with the Bungee Super Fly® Modules

Bungee Combat Online

€250 excl VAT

30th of April & 1st of May 2022

A unique HIT training where you build strength & stamina by exercising from the center of gravity.
With the use of the bungee, the core stability will be challenged all the time. Therefor you will improve speed & explosive movement. And… Velocity is key to expand your skills in fighting technique.

The resistance of the bungee will make you ready for attack from all directions of 3-dimensionals space. 
You will build; 

  • Core stability
  • Strength
  • Cardiovascular conditioning
  • Speed
  • Resilience
  • Velocity 
  • Explosive moment

* For the online training everyone is welcome! So if you have a Bungee at home, and have Bungee experience: Join this training.

In the Teacher Training module you will get all required info in terms of;

  • Principles
  • Benefits (compare to regular training)
  • Different fighting techniques translated to the bungee
  • Class build up
  • Cueing
  • Anatomy
  • Adjustments/modifications

Bungee Dance Online

€250,- excl VAT

18th & 19th of June 2022

Learn how to design choreogrphy in the bungee. 
Explore a new way of using 3D space and play with gravity to open up new possibilities in movement.

• Different dance styles transformed in the bungee
• Deepening Bungee technique
• Using the equipment in different ways
• Deeper understanding of physics
• Class build up
• Sequencing
• Variations for different target groups

The innate desire to fly and discover new ways, makes this training superb for anyone who wants to fly outside of their comfort zone. 
An extra dimension has been put by using central fugal force to suspend movement and open new doors to choreography. 
Besides the bungee is a great way to train your technique with the help and resistance of the bungee cords in order to improve your acrobatic manoeuvres, jumps & turns. 

The bungee is your dance partner that lifts you up. 
What’s involved;

  • Explore movement in 3-D space
  • Improve dance technique; turns-spins-jumps
  • Transition from regular dance class into bungee
  • Mobility
  • Core stability-Balance
  • Conditioning
  • Coordination

*Fundamentals is obligated prior to attend this training.

Bungee Balance/ Therapy


Coming up summer 2022

A restorative way to use the bungee for all kind of rehabilitation. 
This can be a combination of yoga and pilates; a soft and gentle way to work on core-stability with the support of the bungee. This will improve posture and health. By playing with gravity you will build strength, mobility and flexibility.

Where you go deeper in some postures on one side, you’ll feel the resistance of the elastic cords on the other side that will challenge you to find core-stability in a fun way.

Some exercises and postures that seem impossible will be easy to perform and bring body awareness to improve physical and mental strength.

You’ll end up feeling empowered and balanced.

  • Improve posture & health
  • Build physical and mental strength
  • Core-Stability
  • Mobility & flexibility
  • Body awareness
  • Easy access to advanced postures

*Fundamentals is obligated prior to attend this training.

In the Teacher Training module you will get all required info in terms of;

  • Differentiate yoga and pilates
  • Principles
  • Benefits (like stimulating the limbic and lymphatic system)
  • Health Considerations
  • Class structure
  • Cueing
  • Anatomy
  • Adjustments/modifications

Bungee Kids

On Request

We want them to play, feel safe, self-confident and empowered.

Moving in 3-dimensions will stimulate coordination, creating new neuropathways in the brain to improve kids learning skills.

With the bungee as their partner they feel supported to overcome fear and fly out of their comfort zone to be able to express feelings of anger & extreme joy.

Getting to know their own body, improving physical and mental strength and confidence.


  • Coordination
  • Learning skills
  • Social skills
  • Express feelings of anger and joy
  • Body awareness
  • Self-esteem

*Fundamentals is obligated prior to attend this training.

The Instructor Training Module will provide;

  • Principles
  • Benefits (like creating new neuropathways in the brain)
  • Different childrens’ health issues
  • Structure/ exercises
  • Games to improve all above
  • How to create a safe playground
  • Adjustments/modifications

Bungee Power Core

The Instructor Training Module will provide;

  • Principles
  • Benefits 
  • Structure/ exercises
  • Adjustments/modifications

On Request

In a bungee power-core class you will work on building core stability and strength in the abdominals, pelvic area and lower back.

Less cardio more strength building and body toning exercises.

We will use the bungee and its possibilities in many different ways to workout the body in a challenging motivational way.

Adding on more or less resistance and a playfull element.


  • Body toning and strength building exercises
  • Low impact
  • Challenging in a new way
  • Option to work on different levels
  • Adjusting resistance
  • Adding extra props and weight to increase the effect of the bungee
  • Getting the maximum potential out

*Fundamentals is obligated prior to attend this training.


First: Bungee Super Fly® Instructor Training Fundamentals

Before participating in the Bunge Super Fly® Modules, you have to have basic Bungee knowledge. A good place to start is at our Bungee Super Fly® Fundamentals Instructor Training. 

In 3 days we will give you the tools to become a Bungee Super Fly Instructor. Bungee Super Fly is a new high-intensity, full body, workout. Suspended on a bungee cord, attached at your hips, you can explore three-dimensional manoeuvres that fully engage each and every muscle. 

Review Bungee Super Fly

To me, as an athlete, Bungee Super Fly complete the puzzle of my lifestyle. It gives me a good feeling while I am connected to the beat and jumping, flying ,running.
As a personal trainer and international fitness presenter, I can say that Bungee Super Fly gives me more creativity in my sport life.

Papa Faye, Personal Trainer

Review Bungee Super Fly Teacher Training

The teacher training is a very professional course were you will receive what you need to start and open Bungee classes at your own studio. I got the information about safety and how to make my own class on the bungee. []

Ayelet, personal trainer, Israel


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