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You are about to register for our Bungee Super Fly Teacher Training! This training will take 4 days and cost 800 euro (excl. VAT). After signing up we will send you an invoice.

We are so happy that we will see you soon in one of our trainings.

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Frequently asked questions

Can i teach Bungee Super Fly classes after the training?

After succesfully attending the teacher training you can start your own Bungee classes. But just like any other new thing you learn, you will have to practice ;-).

If you want to teach Bungee Super Fly classes, you have to apply for a license. Depending on your needs we offer two types of license. We will tell you all about it during the teacher training.

Can i buy equipment after the training?

Yes, you can buy bungee equipment. We offer a discount for our Bungee Super Fly licensees.

Is this training a fit for me?

Our trainings our mainly meant for people who are experienced teachers. But also if you are a sportive person with the ability to teach, you are able to join our Bungee Super Fly class.

It's ok if you never been in de Bungee before. Since its a relative new way of moving, there are not a lot of places you can train. We will start the training with a basic Bungee Super Fly class, to get you up to level.

What is the daily schedule?

In general:
In the morning we will start at 10:00 with a Bungee class to get your warmed up. We will let you see how to adjust movements and bungee to the need of the students.

Followed by lunch.

After lunch we will have a theory session where we will explain more about the bungee and what it does for the student. Afterwards we go back into the bungee to show the theory in practice.

The last day will be focused on YOU teaching. You will have to prepare a short class. We end with a theory exam to check if you know the essentials. Then we are ready to hand out the certificates and you can go home as a Bungee teacher.

Changes can be made for specific trainings


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