Bungee Super Fly - The Workout

This high-intensity, full body, workout has you floating weightlessly, dynamically bouncing freely in space, having so much fun that you’ll forget how much you sweat.

Suspended on a bungee cord, attached at your hips, you can explore three-dimensional manoeuvres that fully engage each and every muscle. Whether it’s finding flow while rebounding back and forth, or diving head first towards the ground, jumping into the air like Superman, or suspended Mission Impossible style floating just inches above the floor. You can explore ballerina pirouette style turns, and dance jumps that may have always been out of reach before. With bungee you will build strength, flexibility, and core stability while you play. Allowing you to discover and create a freedom and resilience that extends, beyond the bungee, into the rest of your life.

Join us and try this innovative way of getting fully into shape, working between the ground and the air. Breathe in a new form of freedom.

Intensive conditioning class for all levels. All levels are welcome.

Bungee Workout


Bungee Dance

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  • Bungee Workout
    Bungee Dance

Bungee Workout

A real workout!

The Bungee workout is a 1hr class. Make sure to be there 15 minutes before the class starts. Before the workout begins you put on protective shorts and a climbing harness. Class starts with a 10 minute warm up before hopping into the bungee. We warm up all of the major joints, to get the body ready to step into the bungee that is attached to the ceiling. We adjust the bungee to your length and body weight. The length of the bungee cord depends on the height of the ceiling, and will be customized to the proper length. Now you get clipped in and the real workout will start.

360 degrees of fun!

First we give a bit of time to allow the body get used to the bungee, to feel the resistance, and slowly get you familiar with the materials we use. During the workout we will have you do squats, burpees, push-ups, mountain climbers, jumps and all kinds of exercises. The bungee will make these well-known movements new and exciting, giving you a whole new experience. You will fly, have fun, and get fired up while doing a cardio workout, targeting your core stability, and burning fat. The bungee enables us to move 360 degrees, in all directions, while exploring new movements and tricks. We will move forward, backwards, up, down and diagonally. The feeling of flying will make you feel strong and empowered, ready to take over the world. Class ends with a cooling down stretch to lower the heartbeat, and stretch major muscles groups used during the workout.

Bungee Dance

An intense dance workout!

The Bungee Dance class is a workout where aerial, and dance, are combined. It’s a 1 hour intensive workout. Make sure to be there 15 minutes before the class starts. Before the workout begins you punt on protective shorts and a (climbing) harness. The bungee is attached to the ceiling. You get clipped in and the Bungee Dance class can start.

We start with an easy warm-up in the bungee so you can build awareness of your body interacting with gravity. Dancing, while attached to a bungee, is a new physical experience and it’s important to feel how it works. You become lighter, with an ability to jump higher than normal, movements become different. The class consists of different exercises and choreography.

Interact with gravity!

Movement is built up throughout the class, counted to music - like a regular dance class. You build strength and gain more control each and every time, with the bungee allowing you to move graciously through the air.

We fly, jump high, turn, and work with gravity in a whole new way. Leaving you with an intensely playful feeling, providing you with tons of energy. It’s very exciting, and delivers instant happiness, while you work hard on core stability and stamina, fat just melts away. You will go home with a smile!

We end the class with an important cooling down stretch, we take a moment to come back down to earth!

Do you want to Workout or Dance with us?

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