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Janneke van Amelsvoort

Janneke van Amelsvoort

A dynamic multi-tasker, who makes her living jumping and flying about. She connects easily, and brings out the best in people with her sparkly personality. She has pioneered and led the Aerial Yoga business in The Netherlands & Belgium for 7 years now.

Sjoerd Hermens

After graduating from the Institute of Performing Arts in Amsterdam, Sjoerd worked as a dancer, singer or actor in several musical productions. One of them was Tarzan, a show filled with aerial acrobatics, which was his introduction to working with a bungee.

Tamara Zijtsel

A one of a kind, multi-talented, indispensable lady - making magic happen behind the scenes. She’s developed herself over the years as a webmaster, aerial yoga teacher, professional hoop dancer, and PA. Taking all of these technical, and creative skills, she makes everything work.


While flying high through the clouds as a flight attendant, she spends most of her time flying around in an Aerial Yoga hammock as well as a Bungee. Venturous and spontanious, she's hard to miss: a bungee teacher, handles our social media and manuals are her thing. 

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