Bundle: Bungee Instructor Training + Complete Bungee Set

1.350,00 (1.633,50 incl BTW/VAT)

Join us in JUNE 14th, 15th & 16th in Amsterdam, The Netherlands!
In this 3 day course you will learn all you need to get the technique and how to teach a fun and safe bungee workout class.

  • Experience the mental and physical benefits of the super-tool.
  • Recognize the advantages of injury prevention and maintenance.
  • Acquire teaching skills.
  • Notice the progressiveness when staying consistent.
  • Offer your clients an impactful workout.
  • Be connected with other Bungee enthusiasts around the globe.

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**Including bungee set, special offer with free shipping in EU €1.350 ex VAT

Do you want to be a Bungee Super Fly instructor?


We will guide you through the content in three days, live!

Being able to do the instructor training live allows you to practice the theory more, get quicker support, more personalized attention, and the enthusiasm of other people who also want to become an instructor! 

The instructor training takes place on the 14th, 15th, and 16th of June 2024 from 10:00 to 17:00 CET (Amsterdam time zone) every day. 

There will also be some theory that will need to be studied outside of the training hours.

The training will be given by the founder, Janneke van Amelsvoort in English.


After the three days, you will have to practice what you have learnt in order to complete the exam by teaching a bungee class to your fellow group members, and taking a written theory exam. It will be graded and determine the outcome of becoming a certified Bungee Super Fly® instructor.


With this deal, get your own Bungee Super Fly equipment to practice at home! We provide a set which includes:

    • 9 Bungee cords (come in a cover)*.

    *The bungee comes with cords that allow an adjustable weight load of 20kg to 120kg. More cords can be bought and added to increase this!

    • Special designed Bungee Super Fly® harness, with adjustable padding and slings attached (one-size fits all).
    • 3 trilock carabiners.
    • Swivel.
    • Daisychain rope (to adjust the height).
    • Bungee Super Fly® bag.


NOTE! It will take multiple working days for your Bungee Super Fly® set to arrive.

So, make sure you are able to hang up a Bungee at home or wherever possible. We deliver the equipment necessary to hang up the Bungee for your hanging point, whether it is a concrete ceiling, wood ceiling, or a bar. What you need to put up your Bungee, we provide!


See you there!

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June 14th, 15th, & 16th 2024 – Amsterdam – The Netherlands