Become a certified Bungee Super Fly teacher!

November 19th - 22nd Amsterdam (NL)

January 17th - 20th Amsterdam (NL)
March 28th - 31st Amsterdam (NL)
May 27th - 30th Amsterdam (NL)

Do you want to teach this new an exhilariting functional training?

When, Where, What?

  • November 19, 20, 21 & 22 - Amsterdam
  • January 17, 18, 19 & 20 - Amsterdam
  • March 28, 29, 30 & 31 - Amsterdam
  • May 27, 28, 29 & 30 - Amsterdam

  • 4 days 
  • 800 euro (excl. VAT)

    Manual (English)
    Beverages and healthy snacks

Other dates or countries?

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What is Bungee Super Fly?

In 4 days we will give you the tools to become a Bungee Super Fly Teacher. Bungee Super Fly is a new high-intensity, full body, workout. Suspended on a bungee cord, attached at your hips, you can explore three-dimensional manoeuvres that fully engage each and every muscle. Watch our video.

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Bungee Equipment

After registering we will send you a health questionnaire and a NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) which need to be fill out before training. 


What can I expect?

In our training we will give you the tools to teach a basic bungee class. We will also provide you with extensions to teach a more advanced class. There will be attention for anatomy and for injury prevention.

Every day we will start with a bungee practice, after that we have luch. After lunch we will explain some theory about the bungee practice and explaining all about safety. We are ending the day with practicing theory in the bungee. 

Subjects Teacher Training

  • Basic Bungee workout class
  • Variety in movements
  • Implement different levels
  • Safely use and maintain bungee equipment
  • Safety instructions
  • Bungee workout principles
  • injury pevention
  • Practice teaching


Travelling to Bungee Super Fly

The training will be held in the studio of Bungee Super Fly, which is situated just above the north side of Amsterdam. Travel to Landsmeer with busline 319 from Amsterdam Central Station. It's a 20 minute busride.

About the location

In our brand new studio we can teach 15 new Bungee Super Fly instructors. You will find Super Fly Studios at Noordeinde 128-J, 1121 AL Landsmeer. Just outside the north part of Amsterdam.

Do you want to become a Bungee Super Fly Teacher?


Bungee Super Fly
phone: +31 (0)20 211 11 25

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