Bungee Super Fly®
A unique, new concept for the fitness industry

By combining resistance training with a cardiovascular workout you will challenge your body on new levels. The bungee gives a (totally) different dimension to burpees, push-ups and jumps. With this full body workout you can train different muscle groups at the same time. The workout has a high intensity and low impact, especially on the joints. Your body uses the resistance of the bungee to engage your core allowing our core to be challenged throughout the entire workout.

Multiple disciplines use the benefits of the bungee for different reasons. 

  • Runners use bungee resistance training to increase speed and strength. As running in the bungee improves stamina.
  • In CrossFit the bungee is used to improve explosive and acrobatic moves.
  • Pilates instructors use the bungee to build up core stability by for instance planking in the bungee
  • Yogi’s can use the bungee to perform advanced yoga postures.
  • Dancers use the bungee to explore and express new ways of moving in 3-dimensional space.

The workout benefits

  • The workout is suitable for all levels and ages.
  • Combines resistance training with a cardiovascular workout.
  • You can burn up to 700 calories in a 45-minute workout.
  • Effective workout in a short amount of time.
  • Train explosive movement.
  • A playful, useful workout.
  • Functional Training.
  • Motivation because of the major Fun factor to do sports and live a happier & healthier life.

What we do

Instructor Training

We offer Bungee Instructor Trainings in Amsterdam and on location. During this 4 day training you will learn how to become a Bungee Super Fly® instructor. We will teach you l different types of movements & exercises, 45-minute workouts, benefits of working with the bungee, the techniques and safety requirements to prepare you to teach safe and fun classes. The theoretical information will immediately be applied during the practical sessions of the trainingcourse. You don’t need to be experienced with the bungee to attend the instructor training.


Bungee Super Fly® is a registered trademark. To ensure quality we have incorporated a licensing model. With the license you will be under our wings of support and will be part of our community of high quality trainers andclubs around the world.

Every three months we present a new workout video release which will provide you the new, fun exercises and the freedom to modify your class to your clients. As a licensee we will keep in contact with you through our Bungee Super Fly® online platform and online meet-ups where we update, inspire and keep up the technique worldwide.


We have developed our own certified bungee equipment. Together with people specialized in safety and climbing gear, we developed a harness specially made for the Bungee Super Fly® workout. Our gear is designed to be adjusted to different body sizes, weight and length.

We have created our own equipment due to the importance for better body alignment, distributing the weight and more comfort during workouts.

Our story

In 2016 Bungee Super Fly® was founded by Janneke van Amelsvoort.

She was asked to create a dance choreography in the bungee for a show during Walibi Fright Night. Afterwards she got to keep the bungees and brought them back to the Aerial Yoga studio. She thought it would be fun to teach a class in a bungee and put them instead of the hammocks. As a result after a few try-outs putting this online had an explosion of interest from all over the world. “Where can we do this, do you offer bungee teacher trainings, where can we buy bungee equipment…?” Bungee Super Fly® was born.


Interested in working with Bungee Super Fly®?

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