Become a Bungee Instructor

Want to bring this new workout to your gym? Join our instructor training.
In 3 days you will get the tools to teach the Bungee Super Fly workout. 

What is the Bungee Super Fly® Instructor Training?

In 3 days we will give you the tools to become a Bungee Super Fly Instructor. Bungee Super Fly is a new high-intensity, full body, workout. Suspended on a bungee cord, attached at your hips, you can explore three-dimensional manoeuvres that fully engage each and every muscle. Watch our video

Our trainer for the upcoming training

Founder and master trainer Bungee Super Fly

Janneke van Amelsvoort

“As an Aerialist & Aerial Yoga Teacher I combined my knowledge of rigging and Aerial acrobatics into Bungee Super Fly. A fun workout where you can feel like a superhero. "

Join us in our 3-day course and you will:

  • Learn all the techniques, safety requirements and movements to prepare your Bungee Super Fly® class
  • Learn the theory and put it directly into practise with other attendees
  • Build confidence as a Bungee Super Fly® teacher and get support for starting your bungee journey
  • Learn how you and your clients can benefit from working with the Bungee Super Fly® equipment.

For who it is

This training is mainly meant as an extention of skills for professionals in sport and movement. And anyone with a healthy sporting body & awareness and interest in deepening the bungee practise.

Before attending this training you’ll have to fill in a health questionnaire form & disclaimer and sign a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement.


After the Instructor Training

After you received your certification of the Instructor Training, you are able to teach Bungee Super Fly classes. 

Apply for a license and become a Bungee Super Fly® studio. As a licensed studio you will be part of our global community, receive a discount on the Bungee Super Fly® equipment, benefit from our global sales and marketing and use our Bungee Super Fly method.

If you are interested to learn more about our licensing structure and pricing, send us your questions.

Ready to introduce Bungee Super Fly®?


After the Teacher Training we offer several modules to extend your Bungee Super Fly classes! 

Bungee Super Fly® Combat

  • Build Strength & Stamina
  • Explosive movement
  • Resilience

Bungee Super Fly® Balance

  • Explore Movement in 3D
  • Improve dance technique
  • Coordination

Bungee Super Fly® Dance
  • Improve posture & health
  • Mobility & flexibility 
  • Body Awareness

Review Bungee Super Fly

To me, as an athlete, Bungee Super Fly complete the puzzle of my lifestyle. It gives me a good feeling while I am connected to the beat and jumping, flying ,running.
As a personal trainer and international fitness presenter, I can say that Bungee Super Fly gives me more creativity in my sport life.

Papa Faye, Personal Trainer

Review Bungee Super Fly Instructor Training

The instructor training is a very professional course were you will receive what you need to start and open Bungee classes at your own studio. I got the information about safety and how to make my own class on the bungee. [...]


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