Become a Bungee Instructor

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We’ll prepare you in 3 days to get ready teaching this exhilarating Bungee Super Fly® Workout. 

What is the Bungee Super Fly® Instructor Training?

In 3 days we will give you the tools to become a certified Bungee Super Fly Instructor. Bungee Super Fly is a new high-intensity, full body, workout. Suspended on a bungee cord, attached at your hips, you can explore three-dimensional manoeuvres that fully engage each and every muscle.
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Our Fundamental Instructor Training


  • 3 days of intensive training
    • Basic | tabata | choreo Bungee workout classes
    • Principles bungee technique/ physics
    • Benefits of Bungee practice
    • Injury prevention and modifications
    • Safely use and maintain Bungee Super Fly equipment
    • Teaching skills
    • Adjustments
  • Manual
  • Optional videos including music and choreo

Join us in our 3-day course and you will:

  • Learn all the techniques, safety requirements and movements to prepare your Bungee Super Fly® class
  • Learn the theory and put it directly into practise with other attendees
  • Build confidence as a Bungee Super Fly® teacher and get support for starting your bungee journey
  • Learn how you and your clients can benefit from working with the Bungee Super Fly® equipment.

Who is this course for?

Anyone with a sports background and healthy body can join the instructor training! To become a bungee instructor or for your own fun to deepen the bungee practice.

Before attending this training you’ll have to fill in a health questionnaire form & disclaimer + sign a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement.
Safety and trust is our highest value. 


Founder and master trainer Bungee Super Fly

Janneke van Amelsvoort

“As a professional aerial acrobat & founder of Aerial Yoga Netherlands, I combined my knowledge of movement and rigging into Bungee Super Fly®. To create another type of fun workout where everybody can feel like a superhero.”

Next: Get the license!

After you received your certification of the Instructor Training, you are able to teach bungee classes. 

Apply for a license and become an official Bungee Super Fly® studio.

* use our BSF® brand name and logo,
* be part of our global community,
* receive a discount on the Bungee Super Fly® equipment,
* benefit from our global sales and marketing
* receive workout videos 
* get updates and inspiration

If you are interested to learn more about our licensing structure and pricing, send us your questions.

Ready to introduce Bungee Super Fly®?


Extra Modules

After the Instructor Training we offer several modules to extend your variety of Bungee Super Fly® classes! 

Bungee Super Fly® Combat

  • Build Strength & Stamina
  • Explosive movement
  • Resilience

Bungee Super Fly® Balance Therapy

  • Improve posture & health
  • Mobility & flexibility 
  • Body Awareness

Bungee Super Fly® Dance
  • Explore Movement in 3D
  • Improve dance technique
  • Coordination

Review Bungee Super Fly

To me, as an athlete, Bungee Super Fly complete the puzzle of my lifestyle. It gives me a good feeling while I am connected to the beat and jumping, flying ,running.
As a personal trainer and international fitness presenter, I can say that Bungee Super Fly gives me more creativity in my sport life.

Papa Faye, Personal Trainer

Review Bungee Super Fly Instructor Training

The instructor training is a very professional course were you will receive what you need to start and open Bungee classes at your own studio. I got the information about safety and how to make my own class on the bungee. []

Ayelet, personal trainer, Israel


Bungee Super Fly
phone: +31 (0)20 211 11 25

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